Thrifty Finds

Thrifty Finds

Michael Miller fabric from – this will become our curtains!

I love to shop thrift stores and flea markets and yard sales. Finding vintage pieces “in the wild” is so much more fun than just ordering something online. THANKFULLY, my hubby loves the hunt, too! He is only a wee bit concerned that I’ve dived into accessorizing the camper interior before the retro-vation has gotten underway, so okay, okay, I’ll reign it in until we get a bit further…I promise…really…SQUIRREL!!!

Seriously, JohnnyV does understand my “Rule Number One” of thrifting, which is this: when you find it, buy it, because if you wait until you’re ready to decorate, you may never find that vintage piece again. If you decide not to use it, you can resell it and let someone else enjoy it.

Here are a few of the things I’ve picked up to go with our “mostly aqua with red accents” color scheme of the 1966 Yellowstone Cavalier, now dubbed “The Aquatomic Lounge”.

  • Curtain fabric from (see the “Resources” page for the link).

    Vintage finds!
  • Vintage Bopp-Decker pitcher from ebay. I also won the matching “casserole” serving dish. Yay!
  • Atomic small plate and bowl for 49 cents each. Another vintage score!
  • Set of 6 Bolero tumblers from ebay. Vintage!
  • Vintage juicer from a yard sale for 50 cents. 🙂
  • Old drawer organizer for $1.

Looks like we’ve got a theme started.
Until next time…keep your eyes open for those vintage scores!

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