Happy 10th Anniversary

Happy 10th Anniversary

A little story before we get to pictures…
Today (June 22, 2015) is the 10th anniversary of the day that Johnny V and I met in person for the first time. We had been introduced online by a mutual friend (online, because John was living and working in Malta, off the coast of Italy). Once we connected via email, we started IM’ing and webcamming for the last two months he was still in Malta. The day that he came home to FL, I brought sushi over to his house so we could have dinner together and finally meet in person. When he opened the door and our eyes met, I was like a deer caught in the headlights. I was a goner. It was certainly a first date to remember! Happy Anniversary, John!

Here’s a grab bag of camper-rehab-related photos that never got plugged into any post, so I’m sharing them in no particular order. I did get more varnishing done today, and I’m thinking we just might be able to wrap up the varnishing this week. Soon, we’ll be putting The Lounge back together!

20150622_181701  20150622_173213  20150622_173051  20150622_173002

L – R: Ollie’s $3.69 huge tablecloth, the old tabletop that is not salvageable (boo!!), construction zone sign, cipherin’.

20150622_173419  20150622_173646  20150622_181807  shaggy

L – R: Stained, not varnished (is that like “shaken, not stirred”?), edging for cabinetry, two pillows I made using Michael Miller “Framed” material. I really wanted a red blanket, but it was impossible to find. Lo and behold, the chocolate and reddish burgundy look very nice! And there’s my fun little $2.50 “rocket surgeon” sign sitting on top of the fuzzy rug by the fuzzy pillow! Yeah, we’re living plush.

stuff3  20150622_173458  20150622_173346  20150622_173530

L – R: Just a few of the goodies I’ve collected from thrift stores, retroplanet, amazon, and given to us over the years, the original rock guard now refinished and rebuilt and spiff-ified, the cool metal diamond shapes we installed behind new clearance lights, and one of the new marker lights.

Hand-painted wine glasses.
Hand-painted wine glasses.

That’s all for now…I was daydreaming of decorating and going through photos, so I just had to share them with you!
Eclectic Dawn

We’ve got painted bowls, ornaments, and lots more!
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