4 Glamper Reno Rules

4 Glamper Reno Rules

We are SO close to having the camper done, I can’t stand it. You can imagine how much we’ve learned throughout this project, so I’ve boiled the best of our experience down to FOUR basic rules, which you’ll find at the bottom of this post.

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    Thank you, John!

    She’ll be getting a coat of roof sealant this week, and we’ll get her cabinet doors on. Interior lights will be hooked up from back to the front. Details, details.
    And CHECKLISTS. I still have to stain and varnish a few more pieces of batten strips for the interior. Trims and batten strips will be installed. The sink needs to be plumbed/installed, microwave painted/installed, fridge front put on and fridge installed. We still need to order the counter top/tabletop. We need cushion covers. I need to cut the “Yellowstone” vinyl logo for the front and back. We need a mattress for the back bed. We’re down to checking items off the last list now. I am absolutely thrilled with how she’s turning out. Everything looks PERFECT! When I’m working on her, I can’t wipe the gosh darn smile off my face – she’s so darn schparkly! *giddy giggles*

  • Thank you, Tracy!
    Thank you, Tracy!

    God bless everyone who has helped us with this project, from sharing info and ideas, shipping her safely, sending vintage goodies for the interior, to giving us moral support when we were trying to get over some humps (including John’s huge medical hump), to letting us use your shop store her in. Thanks to those who shop in my etsy store.

    We stretch our dollars as far as we can by being savvy bargain hunters! Out of necessity, we have done this entire project on a teensy weensy budget (especially after John’s surgeries), yet we’ve not had to cut any corners. We found mega deals (or freebies) on our fridge, sway bar, flooring, and decor pieces. We do as much work ourselves as we can, such as sewing the curtains, staining and varnishing, or stripping paint. I don’t even want to think what it would have cost to hire someone for the curtain panels, as it took me three whole days from start to finish because all those panels ALSO have a backing and TWO ribbon trims!
    The “I know a guy” (Use Your Resources) principle has saved our wallets tremendously, too. We know folks at an RV place who shared their knowledge. We know refinishers (who gave us their custom vintage color mix formula and shared knowledge). We know an automotive painter who painted the exterior after his regular business hours (he clear coats my motorcycle airbrush art). My dear friend, Tracy, always keeps her eyes open for vintage bargains for my decor scheme, and I do the same for her. I can’t begin to name the folks who have helped us, because there are so many! I just know I would leave someone out, so, thank YOU…and YOU…and YOU…and YOU, TOO!! SO…what should you take away from this post and our reno experience?

  • Four Basic Glamper Reno Rules:
    1) Do as much work as you can yourself (unless you’re sure you’ll F it up, LEARN SOMETHING NEW).
    2) Use your resources. Thank them! Trade with them!
    3) Make LISTS so you don’t forget what needs to be done or purchased. Keep records!
    4) Get excited about your project! Enthusiasm will carry you through exhausting days and nights.

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