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10 Cheap Quick Halloween Decorating Ideas!


Cheap and Quick Halloween Decor Ideas Halloween has always been my favorite holiday for decorating, as it allows for my weirdness to be expressed. Although there are lots of phenomenal and complicated DIY Halloween decor ideas out there on the ‘net, most folks need quick and easy ideas that anyone … The rest of the story…

Simple Tricks to Choose Room Colors!


No More Color Combo Confusion! If the terms “analogous,” “triadic,” “split-comp,” and “tetradic” give you a headache, don’t worry! You don’t need to understand a color wheel or color theory to create beautiful and interesting color combinations for your home. We hope to take the mystery OUT and put some … The rest of the story…

Spring Decor Tips


WINNER of the “Colors Of Spring” March Giveaway: Julie VanEffen (Escanaba, MI). Congratulations! SPRING DECOR TIPS: Spring! It seems like we’ve all got a bit more energy; longer days, flowers blooming, and more sunshine. Remember to slow down, look around, and have fun and restorative moments in between your spring … The rest of the story…

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