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Before and After

Before and After

Camper christening day!Camper on a cake.Sometimes you keep plodding along on a project and don’t quite see how epic it is until you look back to the beginning to compare the “before” and the “after”. Hang on, this is a philosophical post!

We had a tiny “christening” party for the camper this last weekend. I decided to put together a video and some “before and after” collages so folks could see the scope of work that this project entailed. I didn’t expect the images to have such an emotional impact on me, but because they represent everything we’ve been through in the last couple of years, I got a wee bit verklempt looking through the photos. The project was a repairing and renewing in so many ways. Taking endings and making them into beginnings……

(Here’s a video of before/after shots and the christening! Full screen is best viewing; if you want to read the text on the collages, just scoll down this page to see the collages.)

BEFORE/AFTER collages:

Front of camper. Camper, aft. Camper, starboard side.

vintage camper, port side camper kitchen yellowstone dinette

rear bed in the camper interior of vintage camper what's in the camper cupboards?

My art is about “before and after”, too. The journeys to find the pieces to paint, how they are prepped for painting, and what they become as they are painted. But their story doesn’t end there. The “after” also includes the future and the energy that they bring into their new homes! I’ve also had “afters” come to me years later in the form of notes from long-ago clients, which are such an unexpected and delightful blessing! Below: A “before” of my bowls and two of the pieces I finished last week. “Blue Eye” (hamsa hand) and “Yucca” (dot painting) are now in my etsy shop.

Vintage bowls to sand and paint!  Blue Eye Hamsa bowl  "Yucca" painted bowl with lots of dots.
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It’s the same thing with the camper, and in LIFE! The “after” of any project, any experience, doesn’t end in a single moment — the “after” continues on, weaving itself into new beginnings and new “before’s”. Life is really a circle, not a beginning and ending.
New beginnings for old items: (below) Vintage tins from my dear friend, Tracy, now reside in the camper cupboard. The portable mini bar that I made was embellished with items from my Gran (earring), John’s mom (red felt interior), and John (a pull from his long-ago cabinet shop). The vintage Thermos was my Granny’s (and brings back funny memories of fishing with her), the trivet is a cherished gift (also from Tracy, who loves vintage as much as I do), and the SOB cup was from one of our long trips to GA/FL. All of these things, which had their “ending” somewhere else…now have new beginnings with us. That makes my heart smile.

Mini bar made of found items.  Vintage tins in the cupboard.  Vintage items on the counter.

Until next time…cherish ALL of your moments…the gritty, dirty, messy “before’s” as well as the joyous, shiny, oh-my-God-we-got-through-it “afters”. They ALL matter. And the “afters” lead to wonderful new beginnings.
Gratitude Attitude,
Eclectic Dawn

Camper Paint and Tiki Cocktails

Camper Paint and Tiki Cocktails

Freddie came by the shop after work yesterday to shoot the white paint (1972 Ford truck Pure White) on the trailer. So crisp and clean! WOW, the pristine white makes that ’72 Ford truck Shenandoah Green SING!! I LOVE IT!! Here she is, with all the masking paper removed…*angels singing*


paint9.30.14hSeeing this paint done almost makes me cry. We had wanted to finish the camper and use it this spring, and then life got extremely complicated with John’s health, all the hospital stays, and ensuing complications.

Having this paint done is a milestone for us! We’re movin’ on with life and making progress! Slowly, and in a different way, but we are movin’ on.

april15.2014There is a ton of crafty stuff going on in The Kukui Lagoon Studio (art studio by day, tiki bar by night)!  I am ready for a cocktail…how about you? If you haven’t ordered your copy of my tiki drink recipes/tiki history/food recipes/sketches book, you don’t know what you’re missing. I even had one gal say she sat home on a Saturday night reading it because the descriptions were so funny! Made my day!
It’s just as fun to read as it is to use the recipes, and you can color in the sketches while you’re imbibing. The books make great stocking stuffers. I’ll even add a personal inscription if you request one! Want me to spill some rum on it to make it authentic? Be happy to! LOL! Here’s the link to the book in my etsy shop:

Celebrate your successes, large and small…and be grateful for them all!
Eclectic Dawn