Before and After


Sometimes you keep plodding along on a project and don’t quite see how epic it is until you look back to the beginning to compare the “before” and the “after”. Hang on, this is a philosophical post! We had a tiny “christening” party for the camper this last weekend. I decided to put together a video and some “before and after” collages so folks could see the scope of work that this project entailed. I… The rest of the story…

She’s Painted.


Freddie came by the shop after work yesterday to shoot the white paint (1972 Ford truck Pure White) onto the trailer. So crisp and clean! Time to remove the masking paper…     WOW, the pristine white makes that ’72 Ford truck Shenandoah Green SING! Here she is, with all the masking paper removed. Our next step is to replace a bit of rotted framing by the windows,  sparkle-fy and re-installed windows, and clean/install trims. She’ll start looking like… The rest of the story…

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