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Long time, no see! Holidays are such a super busy time for Eclectic Dawn Arts! I painted more purses, tribal bowls and pretty wine glasses, did some commission work, and customers kept my etsy shop hopping!**  John and I both got the crud before Christmas, and my back was in “owie” mode for months (I even had to stop teaching bellydance), but we SURVIVED 2014’s experiences, and we know 2015 will be a great year! Now, to the camper news: what have we accomplished since my last post?

P1070163The wheels are painted shiny to match the camper, hip new whitewalls were installed, brake magnets were replaced, bearings repacked, new brake wiring installed with breakaway switch, window trim was cleaned and installed, windows were fixed and cleaned, most of the wiring is now installed, subfloor is stapled in, and I finished a fun pinstriping project on the door window! That’s our “Tiki Johnny” mascot below!  The whole camper is looking quite SHINY!

tikijohnnyLittle touches MATTER. There were some rough spots around the running lights, and we didn’t want to patch or replace the original skin, so I thought about a shape to put behind the lights…an atomic starburst would have been killer, but there just isn’t enough room, so we settled on diamonds. John had some metal diamonds cut to accent the running lights, and they look rather spiffy! (You can see them in the photo above.) The diamonds give the same sort of atomic era feel without being “busy” or fussy.

flagDONESome of the smaller projects we’ve completed for the camper more recently: our hospitality flag, the “Aquatomic Lounge” window vinyl (cut and applied), and our pinstriped mascot, “TikiJohnny” (on the door window). We also mapped out where to install new lights, outlets, and switches that will work for our needs. We needed a map because the wiring has to be installed before the walls go up. We’ll use the same routing for the interior 110 and exterior running lights. We’re adding interior 12 volt system and a 30 amp converter so all the new interior LEDs can run off the batter or off of “shore power”.
We’re installing 12V LED lights throughout because they last longer and take miniscule amounts of power. Lights and switches have been purchased, and we “just” need to install, stain, and varnish the walls, then it’s on to the floors, cabinetry install, and lighting. It feel great to be past the tedious “I’m not seeing much progress” stage. We’re now into the more visible work, so it feels like progress is being made! Can we shoot for the end of June? That’ll be pushing it, but a girl can dream.


Applying Vinyl


QC’ing the window vinyl.

Well, campers, that’s the Aquatomic blast for now!
Travel safely and please be kind.
Eclectic Dawn

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She’s Painted.


Freddie came by the shop after work yesterday to shoot the white paint (1972 Ford truck Pure White) onto the trailer. So crisp and clean! Time to remove the masking paper…
paint9.30.14a paint9.30.14c  paint9.30.14d campaint9.24.14e

WOW, the pristine white makes that ’72 Ford truck Shenandoah Green SING! Here she is, with all the masking paper removed.

paint9.30.14gpaint9.30.14epaint9.30.14fOur next step is to replace a bit of rotted framing by the windows,  sparkle-fy and re-installed windows, and clean/install trims. She’ll start looking like a trailer again!

Speaking of windows, check out our huge front window! We plan on doing a darker finish on the interior wood, so it will be nice to have all that natural light coming in!

Seeing this paint done almost makes me cry. We had wanted to finish the camper and use it this spring, and then life got extremely complicated with John’s health, all the hospital stays, and ensuing complications. paint9.30.14hHaving this paint done is a milestone for us! We’re movin’ on with life and making progress! Slowly, and in a different way, but we are movin’ on.

It’s been a crazy week of piano, guitar, and drum lessons, hair do’s, paint jobs, getting my violin back from the luthier, prepping to start teaching bellydance again tomorrow (I had to stop when John was in the hospital, and then my back went out – I can’t WAIT to start dancing again), AND we’re having a yard sale in 2 weeks, AND I am hosting a party for my drum and dance students in 3 weeks! LOTS to do!

april15.2014There is a ton of crafty stuff going on in The Kukui Lagoon Studio (art studio by day, tiki bar by night)!  I am ready for a cocktail…how about you? If you haven’t ordered your copy of my tiki drink recipes/tiki history/food recipes/sketches book, you better order now, because they are going fast!
It’s just as fun to READ as it is to use the recipes, and you can color in the sketches while you’re imbibing. The books make GREAT stocking stuffers. I’ll even add a personal inscription if you request one. Here’s the link to the book in my etsy shop:

Celebrate your successes, large and small…and be grateful for them all!
Eclectic Dawn

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