Hand Dyed Silk Mandala Scarves


silk mandalaHand Dyed Silk Mandala Scarves/Mini Mandala Tapestries
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About the Silks
Dawn’s luxurious mandala silks will bring beautiful energy wherever you use them, whether as a neck scarf, hip scarf, wall hanging, meditation aid, prayer shawl, head scarf, contemplation piece, or table cover. Also a special sustainable way to wrap a gift in the 14th century Japanese tradition of “furoshiki,” the ancient way to “go green”! Silk is re-usable, and strong enough to be used for carrying small packages in style. Size: 35″ square, hand-dyed, 8mm (mm = the weight, pronounced “mo-MAY”)
Care of Your Silk
Do not dry clean; wash by hand separately in cold water w/mild soap. You may see color in the water, especially w/ dark colors. Don’t panic, your silk is not losing its color! It’s excess dye that didn’t bond to silk fibers. Our dyes are steam set and the color will last for years when cared for properly. For wrinkles, you may use an iron on the lowest steam setting while the silk is damp, but ONLY if you keep the iron MOVING to prevent scorching. We will not accept returns on damaged silks; as every silk inspected and in perfect condition when it leaves our studio.

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