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Great Organizing Ideas


We all want magical, quick, simple ideas to get our stuff in order, but instant order out of chaos just doesn’t happen. We DO have some ideas to get you started, though! Once you get rolling, you’ll find that organizing not only gets EASIER, but you actually start to enjoy … The rest of the story…

Garden Book and Zombie Love


We’ve finally dug our way out from under Snowstorm Jonas, and we’re back to the business of creating. It is nice to look out the studio window and see the snow, as it doesn’t snow here very often, and I know it won’t be here for long. Virginia winters are … The rest of the story…

Zombie Sellout


I’m jumping right in with the most exciting news first! While we were rebuilding our vintage camper (and taking that long break while JohnnyV was in the hospital and recuperating), Vintage Camper Trailers magazine was an inspiration to us. It’s chock full of beautiful vintage campers, and we love it. … The rest of the story…

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