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Let There Be Light!


Light in the camper, and light at the end of the tunnel! As of today, July 25th, 2015, the rebuild of the 1966 Yellowstone Cavalier, now known as The Aquatomic Lounge, is DONE (except for testing the propane)! Now, the decorating fun begins, but that won’t take long at all, as I’ve … The rest of the story…

Bed and Boards


The Kukui Lagoon studio has been rocking! I’ve been painting a lot of colorful bowls and hand-lettered signs in between jaunts over to the shop to work on The Aquatomic Lounge! Chronic pain can sometimes make me feel like I’m moving through sludge, but I’ve been feeling pretty darn good this … The rest of the story…

Camper Resources


We do not get paid for the links listed below, we just thought they might be useful to others renovating a vintage camper. We always look “in the wild” first for items we can repurpose, reuse, or recycle! It’s cheaper, it’s more eco-friendly, and it’s fun, and sometimes challenging, to … The rest of the story…

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