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Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Light in the camper, and light at the end of the tunnel!
As of today, July 25th, 2015, the rebuild of the 1966 Yellowstone Cavalier, is DONE (except for testing the propane)! Now, the decorating fun begins, but it won’t take long at all, as I’ve been plotting and dreaming this moment for almost TWO years!

rockguardearringsThere’s so much progress! Curtains, backsplash, outlets, signs, table, counter, atomic symbols, and lights — so let’s get to the pictures! First, some silliness. The aliens are glow-in-the-dark “earrings” I put together for our rock guard because the guard corners are forehead height for John and I. I figured these would help us avoid stitches when walking around the camp site. I hung them up yesterday while we were working, and sure enough, John immediately endorsed them! He came around the front of the corner, saw an alien in his face and ducked, avoiding bonking his head on the corner. Success!

Next: the table and curtains! Look at that sexy Formica! *wolf whistles* It looks fantastically nebula-like! JohnnyV and I took a break to have a celebratory first meal at the table, even though we have no cushions yet (don’t get me started on the upholstery saga)! Check out the neat little USB fan in the middle pic – another JohnnyV “cool find”. In combo with the ceiling fan, we evidently had a bit of air circulation, because when we shut the tiny fan off, we noticed the temp rise.

vintage camper dinette  15.7.25 dinette table formica  15.7.24firstmeal

The power is hooked up and working, so, here are lights, and the curtains. All of the lights in the camper are LED, which means that we can be “off-grid” and still have lights for over a MONTH. Energy-efficient. The storage bins fit so nicely up on the shelf – I only brought George and Jane out so far – I still need to bring Astro and the Atomic Fishies (sounds like a good name for a band).

vintage camper dinette   15.7.25curtrear

Today was backsplash install day. We installed the SmartTile pretty quickly (more info on this tile in the “Camper Resources” post – link in the sidebar). It is a little finicky to work with because it is so thin, so you REALLY have to pay attention to what you are doing. Such an interesting look, it is super light, and no messy grout, so all around, it was a great choice for this camper.

15.7.25 smart tile install 15.7.25trimming smarttile 15.7.25 smart tile install 15.7.25 smarttile backsplash

I love the contrast of the vermillion and ruby red against the aqua! This is all coming together quite nicely! Once the tile was up, we were able to hook up those outlets. The under cabinet light sure shows off the color! If you look closely on the right side of the backsplash, you can see the cool nightlight that JohnnyV got me for Christmas last year. It’s aqua, it’s 60’s, it’s a lava lamp! Perfect for the camper!

vintage camper galley kitchen vintage camper galley kitchen lighting 15.7.25 smarttile backsplash camper backsplash

Three exterior shots: the guard for the screen door and the Lend-A-Hand folding hand rail were installed yesterday, and we now also have a nifty outdoor courtesy step light. We really needed the screen guard so Lola doesn’t push her way through – she can get just a wee bit rambunctious when she wants to play.

vintage camper door  camper grab handle  courtesy step light Lola is a Packer fan

There’s been a lot of work I’ve done in the studio for the camper besides the rock guard “earrings” and the curtains! A wide variety of tasks like cutting the vinyl lettering to label our First Aid kits, and handpainting the “Spy vs. Spy” sign I painted for the head. All the little details are what make a look come together. Did we NEED the Spy vs. Spy sign? No, but it adds one more 60’s bit of flair so that when you step into the camper, you feel transported to another time!

camper first aid kit vintage porta potti closet 15.7.25potti2

Speaking of little touches, we put up the atomic symbols on the front cabinet today. Quite subtle, you almost can’t see them, but they catch the light and then you see the symbol of the atomic age at each end of the cabinet. I was so tickled to see the shiny reflection in our varnished wall. The finish on the wood is beautiful.

alternate use for atomic computer fan cover  15.7.25symb2  vintage 60's camper dinette curtains

It’s almost time to take the plastic protection off the step and take her on her maiden voyage! Hmmm…need to think about a christening of this vessel! I don’t want to smash a bottle on her nose, so maybe a water balloon?? 🙂

1966 Yellowstone Cavalier, new paint 1966 Yellowstone Cavalier, new paint 1966 Yellowstone Cavalier, new paint 1966 Yellowstone Cavalier, new paint

hand painted sunflower wedding giftAnd lastly, one photo of a special hand-painted piece I just finished. The mother of the bride from last weekend’s wedding commissioned a commemorative bowl for the newlyweds, telling me to just keep my eyes and ears open at the wedding for a moment to capture in paint. The bride told me a lovely story about one of the sunflowers, so I painted them on the piece. I just got word that they loved it! *smiles*
If you would like to commission a special piece for a special day, just jot me a note, or look at the ready-to-ship original pieces in our online store!

So, there’s light at the end of the rebuild tunnel, there’s light in the camper, and there’s a special kind of light that comes from sharing stories and sharing love…I hope YOUR weekend is filled with light and love!
Eclectic Dawn

Happy 10th Anniversary

Happy 10th Anniversary

A little story before we get to pictures…
Today (June 22, 2015) is the 10th anniversary of the day that Johnny V and I met in person for the first time. We had been introduced online by a mutual friend (online, because John was living and working in Malta, off the coast of Italy). Once we connected via email, we started IM’ing and webcamming for the last two months he was still in Malta. The day that he came home to FL, I brought sushi over to his house so we could have dinner together and finally meet in person. When he opened the door and our eyes met, I was like a deer caught in the headlights. I was a goner. It was certainly a first date to remember! Happy Anniversary, John!

Here’s a grab bag of camper-rehab-related photos that never got plugged into any post, so I’m sharing them in no particular order. I did get more varnishing done today, and I’m thinking we just might be able to wrap up the varnishing this week. Soon, we’ll be putting The Lounge back together!

20150622_181701  20150622_173213  20150622_173051  20150622_173002

L – R: Ollie’s $3.69 huge tablecloth, the old tabletop that is not salvageable (boo!!), construction zone sign, cipherin’.

20150622_173419  20150622_173646  20150622_181807  shaggy

L – R: Stained, not varnished (is that like “shaken, not stirred”?), edging for cabinetry, two pillows I made using Michael Miller “Framed” material. I really wanted a red blanket, but it was impossible to find. Lo and behold, the chocolate and reddish burgundy look very nice! And there’s my fun little $2.50 “rocket surgeon” sign sitting on top of the fuzzy rug by the fuzzy pillow! Yeah, we’re living plush.

stuff3  20150622_173458  20150622_173346  20150622_173530

L – R: Just a few of the goodies I’ve collected from thrift stores, retroplanet, amazon, and given to us over the years, the original rock guard now refinished and rebuilt and spiff-ified, the cool metal diamond shapes we installed behind new clearance lights, and one of the new marker lights.

Hand-painted wine glasses.
Hand-painted wine glasses.

That’s all for now…I was daydreaming of decorating and going through photos, so I just had to share them with you!
Eclectic Dawn

We’ve got painted bowls, ornaments, and lots more!
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