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The Beginning…

The Beginning…

NOTE: This blog is a combo of Eclectic Dawn Arts news, our life adventures, and the “retro-vation” of our tiny Yellowstone camper (which we had to sell in 2016). You can search for topics or select specific posts in the archive.

We’d been looking for a vintage canned ham for years. Every time we’d find one on craigslist, we’d call, and BOOM, it was already sold! Until July, 2013, when John saw a 13′ 1966 Yellowstone on craigslist, and no, it wasn’t sold, but someone else was going to be looking at it that evening. *sad face* There goes that camper, too…
We were so excited to get a call a little bit later that the buyers had bailed, and if we wanted, we could go to look at it. Hellz yeah! We made a beeline for the car, set the GPS, settled our post-surgical dog in my lap, and away we went, driving 4.5 hours to the DC area.
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For this next part, you have to understand that I believe that there are no coincidences.
In 2010, I found a black arrowhead in our yard – the only one I’ve EVER found in my life. It was just lying there on the ground near our shed, waiting to be picked up off the hard, packed clay. My arrowhead expert friend, Russ Walker (RIP) typed it as a rhyolite Early Archaic Rowan atl atl point, from 9500 – 8000 before present time. Whoa. Mindblowing to know those people roamed RIGHT HERE. I have since found another chip of the same material. The stone is unlike anything else in our yard, so it was easy to spot.
Anyhow, going back to the “looking at this camper” day, you can imagine my total amazement when I looked down right in front of the camper in the seller’s backyard and saw a WHITE point sparkling in the dappled light!
You see, the crazy thing is: the camper would be parked in our yard where I found the black point. So, from one arrowhead spot to another…it was as clear as black and white (to me, anyway) that this camper should belong to us. (I’ve not had the white point typed, because Russ passed away. If you have an idea what the white point could be, please leave a comment!)

The points in the story.

We didn’t buy the camper, as we were unsure about the tongue weight with our Mountaineer, so we thanked RoseMarie and told her we’d get back to her ASAP, and we drove home. Quick research revealed it’d be okay to tow, so John wired money and then contacted a shipper. Oh my gosh! this. is. happening!

I spent a VERY anxious morning waiting to hear that the camper had been picked up from RoseMarie, and I finally got a text saying “This guy is a PRO – you should have seen him get Bug out of the yard!”  (“Bug” was RoseMarie’s name for the camper.)

YAY! The camper was on its way! I then waited hours and hours PAST when the camper should have arrived, and I was chewing my nails wondering if it was lying in a pile of twisted metal on the side of the highway. Horrid scenarios were running through my mind.
I finally found out that after Dale (the shipper) had put lights on the trailer, he was going to put tires on, but realized he’d brought the wrong size. (His SOP is to put his lights and tires on so he can travel safely. Then he leaves them on for you as part of the deal.) He got out of RoseMarie’s yard with the old tires, had a blow out immediately, so he had to buy new tires at Walmart and wait for them to get put on the rims. Needless to say, Dale had a “wee” bit of a delay. He was such a nice man, and I felt so bad for him when he was relating the story of his day to me!

2Dale and trailer showed up safely (after dark), and I helped him navigate backing up our driveway with my trusty spotlight. Once he had the camper parked, I used the light to check and see if the baby moons were still on the camper. Side 1, check. Side 2: “Son of a B*TCH!” Oops, did I just yell that out loud? Um, yeah.

Dale came over and asked what was wrong. I told him that John wanted me to make SURE the baby moons were on the camper. He calmly said, “Oh, I must not have put that one back on. Let me check my truck.” Sure enough, it was in the bed of his truck! WHEW! Another “YAY”!

RoseMarie was happy to hear that “Bug” made it here safely. She is so sweet and super tickled that we are going to restore the camper and use it. The camper had been sitting in her yard for 5 years, half gutted because medical issues arose and she couldn’t finish it. Best wishes to you, dear lady, and thank you. 🙂

Footnote: she told me to keep the arrowhead, as it is now part of “Bug’s” story. The points will be framed together to remind us of the serendipitous moments in life that beg to be noticed.
See you soon – it’s time to get started on the retro-vation!
Eclectic Dawn