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Ocean Coloring Book and Other Unique Gifts

Ocean Coloring Book and Other Unique Gifts

Endings Are Beginnings: Goals

There’s ALWAYS a HUGE flurry of activity in November and December, trying to finish up final projects and commissions of the year, doing sales/shows, and prepping shipments, along with my own household holiday “stuff”. 102 cloverI am thrilled to have completed ALL of my 2016 business goals, considering that my husband was bedridden for over two months and in the hospital for almost a week.  An ocean-themed coloring book was created, 100+ bowls painted (!), and diorama “Daydream” boxes put together, among other things. An odd item on my personal list was to find 100 four-leaf clovers in 2016. I found #100 in October, and ended at 102 (unless I find another before New Year’s)!

tabledoneGoals give you focus, and reaching goals leaves room for more learning experiences! Breaking big goals into bite-sized pieces helps you accomplish what you set out to do (learn, create, grow, build, accomplish). For example, painting a whole dining set with 6 chairs is a HUGE undertaking, so we broke it into steps which made the project less daunting. We removed the seats and cleaned the chairs. Cleaned the table. Sanded rough spots. And so on. You can’t do it all at once. Baby steps.

What makes you say YES? What do you WANT to do in the next year (not what do you HAVE to do)? Name your GOAL!

ocean coloring bookThe Making Of An Adult Mandala Coloring Book

Producing “My Mother’s Garden” adult coloring book (last year) meant labor-intensive sketching from garden photos, scanning the sketches, cleaning up the scans, and then laying it all out the book format. It took a long time! My latest adult coloring book, “Ocean Rhythms,” was done on my laptop in around 50 hours (including creating the art and finding suitable quotes and ocean facts for each page). The mandalas I was creating needed to be more precise than my hand-drawing skills could produce, and building them in CorelDRAW was the best way for me to accomplish the task.

mandala creationAfter laying out a blank page to the correct size and format for publication, I chose five or six creatures and a tiny decorative motif for each mandala. I started with the center, created a circle, and then aligned objects (sharks, fish, starfish, whales, turtles, etc) along the path of the circle varying the numbers in each piece. Increasing the size of the circular path, I added more creatures in various configurations. Some of the pages are distinctly Hawaiian (in fact, I used Hawaiian petroglyphs in some of the pieces), and each mandala has a main focus, whether shells, deep sea, sharks, or turtles. It was a very interesting learning process as I got my hands on some tools in Corel that I’ve never used before. I’ll admit that it still is a very unusual but pleasant, feeling to color in a book that came from my brain and hands!

ARTIST’S PICK: 10 Beautiful Gifts

dolphin dioramaHere are some of my top picks from the store (at this moment). Clicking on each will take you to the product in the shop. 1) The “Daydream” diorama boxes with beach scenes are my absolute favorite…and I have some gnome dioramas, too! Dive into a magical world when you open the lid…this Pacific dolphin swimming near shore makes me smile every time I open the lid!

2, 3) I still have a wonderful selection of 35″ square hand-dyed Kaleidoscope silk scarves. Some of them look like stained glass windows, and all of them have glorious colors! And in the same sort of design vein, the Ocean Rhythms adult coloring book fulfills that need to “color all the things”.

silk scarf     mandala sample
4, 5) Hand-painted ornaments for the bird lovers and turtle lovers! Birds and turtles are cute, but add a Santa hat, and they are super adorable!

painted ornamentspainted bird ornaments

6, 7, 8, 9, 10) Unusual new pieces: a realistic three-toed sloth, a fiery mandala bowl with “lava” dripping on the edge, a tiny peacock feather ring bowl, a yarn bowl with a nest inside (the other two yarn bowls sold immediately), and a whimsical jewelry tray (or trinket tray) filled with pretty swirls of pink, white, and black.

1539 sloth bowl  volcano mandala bowl    tiny peacock feather bowl  bird nest yarn bowljewelry tray trinket tray

So there you have it! Pretty things, an adult coloring book project, a gift sale, 102 four-leaf clovers, and GOALS!
Remember, the completion of goals leaves room for new goals, new projects, and a chance to learn new skills, and I hope that you are looking forward to 2017’s gifts with the anticipation of a child.

THANK YOU! Thank you so much for your incredible support this year! It meant so much to John and me (and he is doing MUCH better now). Until next time, have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year, no matter how you celebrate!

Eclectic Dawn

Garden Coloring Book and Zombie Love

Garden Coloring Book and Zombie Love

We’ve finally dug our way out from under Snowstorm Jonas, and we’re back to the business of creating. It is nice to look out the studio window and see the snow, as it doesn’t snow here very often, and I know it won’t be here for long. Virginia winters are usually quite mild compared to the Wisconsin winters I endured for 40 years!

Crazy Cat Lady Zombie OrnamentIn ZOMBIE NEWS: Our Eclectic Dawn Arts “Zombie Balls” ornaments have been featured in an article on Socialgeek.org! Our friend, Hinsel Scott, put together a delightful piece about our work, along with our “how to make a zombie ornament” instructions: http://socialgeek.org/2016/01/zombie-balls-a-socialgeek-eclectic-exclusive/   Check out the article and show the SocialGeeks some love!

zombie ornamentsIf you don’t have the time to make your own ornaments, we still have a few of these humorous zombie ornaments in our shop. When those have shambled away to new homes, they are gone forever, because we will not be making any more. So grab your fav to keep or to give to your favorite zombie lover, before it wanders away!

A huge THANK YOU to our loyal supporters who collect our art, and first-time buyers who found us in 2015. We’ve had such enthusiastic messages from you, and we sincerely appreciate the 5-star reviews you’ve been leaving on etsy for our hand painted bowls and other items! THANK YOU, also, for the FB likes!

“My Mother’s Garden” adult coloring book (hand-drawn flowers and creatures coloring pages) is getting wonderful reviews, and we enjoy seeing how you’ve colored your pages! Send pics of your colored pages to: dawn (at) eclecticdawnarts (dot) com and we will post them in our next blog. We will be creating another beautiful coloring book in 2016 – more on that soon! Here are a few of the photos we’ve received so far:
adult coloring book, lily, by fr of steven j  adult coloring book flowers, steven  adult coloring book page, my lilies  adult coloring book, kristin h  adult coloring book flowers, connie i

I’ve spent a good part of January, as I do every year, catching up on year-end paperwork and organizing the studio. It’s all part of my process – although not the fun part. This non-creating time “off” (haha – I use the term “off” very loosely) is a great way to let my artistic gas tank re20160123_apron1fill and brainstorm new projects before I dive back into my usual creative flow.

If there is anything else you’d like to see in the EDA Newsblog, just let us know!
Until next time…stay creative and grateful!
Eclectic Dawn
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