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Aloha Shirts and Surfboards

Aloha Shirts and Surfboards

New Ocean Art! If you’ve been waiting to get something new for the beach corner in your home, now’s your chance! I added three more surfboards to the shop. There’s the “Ghost Trio” surfboard with three swimming sea turtles, “Aria”, an intricate and strong tribal octopus surfboard in black and red, and “Plankton Party” with mandalas and dancing plankton in teal, blue, and purple. You’ve GOT to see them to believe the wonderful ocean energy in them – each is unique! Shipping is included, and each comes with a metal hanger (not attached).

Aboriginal octopus by Dawn Schmidt Ventimiglia. Ghostly sea turtles artwork by Dawn Ventimiglia.
The “Curiously Curated Goods” department in the EclecticDawnArts shop went live, too. Yay! I hunt for items in colors and styles that will work with your beach cottage and retro theme homes. We’re just getting the department started, but there’s already got some interesting pieces ready to ship, so go check them out before they are scooped up by someone else.

Ocean ornaments by Eclectic Dawn Arts.Two dozen glittery ocean diorama ornaments are in the process of being photo’d, and will be up soon, guaranteed to make you giggle! I’ve got whales, snails, sharks, penguins, and more. The ornaments are not just for the holidays. You can set one among your shell stash for year-round smiles, or hang one in your cubicle for whenever you need a beach “moment.” Stay tuned for those little cuties! If you want to know WHEN they hit the shop, just join our VIP CLUB! It’s free, and you’ll be get a note from me when I add new items to the shop (generally once or twice a month), plus I’ll send along a coupon code for you to use in our etsy shop.

Curated pre-worn Hawaiian shirts at EclecticDawnArts.comDo you know about Aloha Fridays? It’s the custom of wearing your favorite Hawaiian shirt on Friday. Well, we’ve got a bunch of beautiful vintage and pre-loved shirts ready to ship, and they will be up soon! If you want to know when they hit the EDA store – (they won’t be in my etsy shop) – check back or join the VIP CLUB.

With all the turmoil in the world, be sure to be kind to one another, and find some beauty in each day. I am grateful for your friendship and support.
Eclectic Dawn


Surfboards and More

Surfboards and More

Is your summer is flying by? Mine sure seems to be! The PopUp Gallery show was a success last month, and I dove in to more new projects as soon as that was over. More surfboard pieces are in process. Background colors are done, and ocean creatures will be appearing over the next couple of weeks. The current boards have ghostly sea turtles, tribal turtles, jellyfish, a plankton party, and an aboriginal octopus. (All art ©Dawn Schmidt Ventimiglia/Eclectic Dawn Arts. All rights reserved. Please visit our Licensing page for usage information.)

Surfboards in progress.Sea turtles, work in progress by Dawn Schmidt Ventimiglia of Eclectic Dawn Arts.Turtle surfboard by Dawn Ventmiglia of Eclectic Dawn Arts..Plankton Party on a surfboard by Dawn Schmidt Ventmiglia.Jellyfish surfboard art by Dawn VentimigliaAboriginal octopus surfboard wall art by Dawn Schmidt Ventmiglia.

BTW, if you are a member of the VIP Club, you will get a “heads up” before the pieces are posted so you get first dibs on the new artwork. The VIP Club is FREE, and 0ccasionally, VIPs will get a chance to enter giveaways for artwork, too. (Those of you receiving this via email are already VIPs!)

Large tree down in storm.Last month, I heard and felt the LOUDEST rumble, almost like that earthquake a few years back. I thought it was an oddly long peal of thunder or maybe a truck. Nope. That’s not it. OH, NO!! It’s a TREE FALLING!! I grabbed Lola and dragged her to the inner bathroom in case it was hitting the house. So thankful that it didn’t. Unreal that the loud noise was all the way behind our back fence! That 120′ tree fall from a portion of our yard ALL the way across our neighbor’s back yard to the edge of the next neighborhood.
It did take out some other trees, but nobody/nothing else was hurt. A BIG chunk is going to a sawmill, and another piece is being carved to honor the tree. My friend, Michael, traded some art time with me, so I painted his Shamo rooster, Siddhartha, and he is chainsaw carving a Moai (Eater Island statue) out of a chunk of the tree! John and I will now have a permanent piece of our woods in the form of a cool piece of art from my friend, Michael. Below, you can see the piece I painted for Michael (pre-clear coat) and the reference photo I used. Certainly the most unusual pet portrait I’ve ever done. BTW, the photo of the tree? That’s just a bit more than half of the tree in the photo!
Shamo rooster that the portrait is based on. Shamo rooster surfboard by Dawn Ventimiglia of Eclectic Dawn Arts.
In July, Miss Gigi, the adorable and wacky Chi mix that we rescued from being PTS went to her new home with our  friends, Tracy and John. Almost a year to the day after we took this frightened, unsocialized baby into our home, she went to her forever home. Gigi and DawnShe still has a ways to go to conquer her fears, but I am SO proud of how far she has come, and Tracy and John are doing a great job keeping up with her training! Miss Gi has settled in nicely with her new dog-bro, Jax, and cat-bro, Bob. Happy Adventures, Gigi!
I’ve made a lot of changes to the website this week, so let me know what you think of the updated beach look! Until next time, enjoy the waning moments of summer, feel the magic of the eclipse and the shooting stars, and find something to be grateful for every day.
Eclectic Dawn