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Bottom of the Ninth!


We are SO close to having the camper done, I CAN’T STAND IT!!! Just a matter of weeks now before FIRST LAUNCH of the Aquatomic Lounge! Stain, sand, and varnish are done. 47 pieces, plus interior, x5! The $40 floor is installed. Looks FABU! The cabinetry, shelves, dinette, and bed are in place. … The rest of the story…

Camper Resources


We do not get paid for the links listed below, we just thought they might be useful to others renovating a vintage camper. We always look “in the wild” first for items we can repurpose, reuse, or recycle! It’s cheaper, it’s more eco-friendly, and it’s fun, and sometimes challenging, to … The rest of the story…

Grab Bag!


A little story before we get to pictures… Today (June 22, 2015) is the 10th anniversary of the day that Johnny V and I met in person for the first time. We had been introduced online by a mutual friend (online, because John was living and working in Malta, off the … The rest of the story…

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