dawnventimigliaAbout the Artist
Dawn is an award-winning artist, musician, teacher, TV host, writer, henna artist, traveler, nature lover, beach hunter, tikiphile, camper, thrifter, and was described in a TV interview as “the quintessential free spirit”. With 40+ years of experience completing commissioned works and performing in public, Dawn’s professionalism and enthusiasm shine through in every project she undertakes.

She creates in “The Kukui Lagoon,” (her studio by day and vintage tiki lounge by night). She schedules canvas works, pet portraits, and custom murals in between painting unique monkeypod bowls and other ocean-inspired projects.

music5Born in Milwaukee, Dawn grew up in the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin, and always had an interest in art, music, reading, and writing. She toured the Midwest and East Coast as a musician for decades, ran her own antiques store in central WI,  and wrote articles and gave presentations about antiques, music, and decorating. She moved to Green Bay (Packerland Drive, of course), and painted signs and billboards at Orde Advertising, and later did marketing and admin work for them while continuing to perform in local bands.

Eclectic Dawn on her motorcycle, 2005.Turn of the Century
In 2000, Dawn and her best friend moved to Florida, and opened an import store/gallery in downtown St. Petersburg. In addition to painting canvases, furniture, and murals, she applied henna in the store and at area events, teaching about henna’s 5000-year-old history and symbolism.

Dawn’s life changed dramatically during a robbery in the store on April 4th, 2003. She found coping skills through friends, music, and art, and channeled PTSD’s hyper-awareness into her work.

Race boatAn opportunity presented itself, Dawn picked up an airbrush, and the next day, she was prepping and airbrushing 40′ race boats in Largo, Florida. Soon, she was airbrushing art on motorcycles, and has won multiple awards for her airbrush work, including a “Best of Show, Honda” at the well-known Biff Burger’s “Bike of the Year Show” in St. Pete, FL, out of over 100 entries. Two of her airbrushed custom bikes have appeared in major motorcycle magazines.

Dawn and JohnnyV married in Key West in ’06, and moved to Virginia in ’07, where they lived with their rescued furkid, Lola. Dawn started hosting her live weekly TV show, “Heart of the Arts”, featuring local creatives, in 2011. (Some episodes are on her YouTube channel.)

Lola, Packer Dog, CheeseheadDawn interviews Lee SansteadShe was made an honorary member of the Danville Art League for her educational presentations, was a member artist of Dan River Art Works and Milton Studio Art Gallery in Milton, NC, and her art has been sold  in various venues, including the world-famous Mai Kai in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and The Painted Mermaid in Southport, NC. She currently sells her works through etsy, Facebook, and other shops.

She started teaching bellydance in 2011, and Middle Eastern Rhythm Exploration (doumbek drumming) in 2013. She also has taught piano, guitar, and ukulele. She stays busy creating art, teaching, sewing, and writing, but still finds time for adventures with JohnnyV such as camping, flea markets, thrifting, or nature exploring. Dawn is an avid ocean lover who enjoys exploring beaches and snorkeling.

EclecticDawn and JohnnyVIn late 2018, Dawn and John moved to WI to be near family again. They are enjoying their vintage home and the “Tiniest Farm” in their backyard. You might catch a glimpse of their tropical basement hideaway, The Kukui Lagoon (Dawn’s studio) on a Facebook live during one of Dawn’s painting sessions (or in 2020, on an occasional “Live from the Kukui Lagoon” Friday night Covid cocktail hour).
Dawn is still painting monkeypod bowls, woodburning, and selling her works on the etsy site. Always with four projects in the hopper, thinking which songs to learn next, and what dish she’ll invent for supper, she is truly an eclectic spirit.

JohnnyV and Dawn at Mai Kai
Mai Kai, Ft. Lauderdale.
Using a plasma cutter to cut a motorcycle seat pan.
Ukulele and hooping, at the same time! Work hard, play hard.
doumbek teacher
Teaching doumbek.