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Parrot Pet PortraitLlama pet portrait.A pet portrait is one of the most heartfelt gifts you can give, especially as a memorial for a beloved pet who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. My animal paintings have included mammoths, dogs, cats, llamas, monkeys, buffalo, parrots, flamingos, manatee, sea turtles, whales, betta fish, koi, and dolphins! I love ALL creatures, and enjoy examining the details that make each unique.
Single subject, simple background: 18 x 24: $225, free shipping. Additional subject: $75.


Great communication is the key to a successful client/artist relationship! With all terms on paper, there are no questions about the process or the final product. Commissioned works are non-refundable, due to their personal nature.

In Memoriam: Bella, the Original Ecelctic Dawn Arts Quality Control Inspector. She fought like a girl. :)
Is this a good ref photo?
  1. I request information from you regarding design, colors, size, and style in order to create a price quote. For MURALS, there is a $100 non-refundable art fee for sketches. This will be deducted from your final total when the project is completed. Pet portraits and small paint projects do not incur this fee.
    2. I need multiple good reference photos (large, clear, colorful) showing the subject’s personality. Photo scans should be at least 150 – 200 dpi. More photos is better!
    3. I send a quote (scope, fees, timetable) to you. We make adjustments, if necessary.
    4. You accept/sign the quote, paying 50% down (non-refundable*) before work begins. Job is not put on the schedule until downpayment clears.
    5. Project is completed. You are sent photos for approval.
    6. You give final approval (or we can make two minor adjustments to the work). Major changes (or more than two small changes), will incur a $75 hourly change order fee. In 40 years, no one has ever incurred this fee due to my thorough pre-job communication!
    7. You send final payment + shipping. No work is released until final payment CLEARS.
    8. We pack/ship your art via USPS, Priority, Insured, and send you a tracking number. Small packages valued under $20 are sent 1st Class.
    9. You receive your art, and enjoy it for years! (See artwork care below.)

PAYMENTS: If you purchase directly from this site, we use PayPal, but you do NOT need a Paypal account to check out! We have been a verified merchant since 2001. We never see your card or bank information during the transaction. We can also invoice you, and you will have payment choices. Commissions require 50% down upon term acceptance, and final payment (+ SH) before work is released.

Shipping time from our location
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SHIPPING: Items purchased from EDA or our Etsy shop can only be shipped to U.S. addresses!
We ship Priority USPS, insured, with tracking, generally within 24 business hours of your order. Priority mail usually takes 2 – 3 days, depending on your distance from our location in Danville, VA. Small items valued under $20 are sent 1st Class.
NOTE: If there is damage to your package when it arrives, make note of damage with the carrier, take photos before opening the package, take photos of any item damage after opening the package, and keep all packing materials in order to make a claim.  Filing a USPS claim.

*Down Payments: Why are they non-refundable?
By the time you’ve made your down payment on the project, I’ve invested hours and funds on sketches, communication, research, materials, and prep. Imagine that you worked a week on a project for your boss, and then he halts the project before completion. He still pays you for the time you put in on the project. Thank you for understanding that my time is just as valuable as yours.

I changed my mind! I don’t want it!
Due to the personal nature of commissioned works, we do NOT offer refunds or returns on custom pieces.

Airbrush portrait by Dawn Schmidt Ventimiglia of Eclectic Dawn Arts.Painting Care
Our canvas works are acrylic, sealed with clear coat. Dust with a slightly damp cloth (water only). Do not hang paintings in direct sunlight, as this may cause some fading or discoloring over the years. Do not put glass over a canvas painting. Be sure to put spacers (a mat works well) between glass and paper works so artwork is not touching the glass.
Painted Bowl Care
Wipe painted bowls with a damp cloth; do not put in dishwasher. The painted bowls are not food safe. They are art objects. You can put wrapped candies or trinkets in them.
Dyed Silk Care
Hand wash, cold water, line dry, or steam iron while damp (keep iron moving – don’t scorch the silk!). If you see some color in the wash water, it is only excess dye that didn’t rinse out in our final wash. Your silk is NOT fading.
Painted Purse Care
Wipe purse with damp cloth; use a bit of gentle soap if needed. Do not scrub painted areas! The paint is the same paint used to pinstripe cars/motorcycles, and is very durable, but can be scratched or worn with heavy use.

Mural work in Madison, WI

CONTACT US via Email
dawn (at) eclecticdawnarts (dot) com
We are located in Danville, VA, but we send commissioned pieces all over the United States, so jot us a note and let us know what sort of project you have in mind!

A Note from Dawn regarding phone calls:
Email is our preferred method of contact so we’ll both have a written record of what was discussed. That way, there will be absolutely no misunderstandings during our communications. Ask as many questions as you need to ask via text, FB msg, or email! I want you to be informed and happy throughout the process!