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Beach Decor and Shrimp Tacos

Beach Decor and Shrimp Tacos

News: PopUp Gallery, beachy announcement, new art bowls, ocean magnets, new payment options, webstore update, and shrimp tacos!

Painted Octopus Bowl ©EclecticDawnArtsThere are WAVES of artwork being prepped for the PopUp Gallery here in Danville next Saturday! (EDIT: event is now over) Rebecca Wright is heading up this community event, a free opportunity for new artists to dip their toes into the show world without setup fees. The Gallery walls will be constructed of used palettes (I love the recycled aspect of this). I am excited to be a part of this event that my friend, and hope to see you there! Here’s an article from the Danville Register Bee about the event: http://www.godanriver.com/entertainment_lifestyles/lifestyles/new-art-exhibit-to-pop-up-saturday-in-danville/article_92785470-52e5-11e7-8fb7-d73f27b500f3.html

New artwork is up in my etsy shop! Also, you can now check out as a guest (you don’t need to have an etsy account), and there are more payment options than before!
Ocean Ornaments and MagnetsPainted Leatherback Baby Turtles Bowl ©EclecticDawnArts
More beach decor items are up in our on-site shop, too! Check out the adorable ocean-themed driftwood magnets and ornaments which are woodburned and embellished with colored pencil. Colorful beachy boho! They can hang anywhere year ’round to bring a bit of the beach to your corner of the world! The newest painted bowls include turtles, octopus, leatherback babies, a stylized sea urchin, and an aboriginal Kiwi bird. My Exotica Pandora station got a workout while I was painting, with the sounds of Martin Denny, Don Ho, Bruddah Iz, and Don Tiki floating through the Kukui Lagoon while creating all this artwork…more to come!

The next project is SURFBOARDS as wall art. I have always dreamed of painting surfboards, and they are impossible to find here, so I decided to cut out my own smaller version to paint! More on those next time.

©EclecticDawnArts Tribal Turtles Bowl in purple and blue ©EclecticDawnArts Tribal Kiwi Jewelry Tray, handpainted wood art wall art surfboard template

Here’s my fun ANNOUNCEMENT from Southport, NC – and nope, my beach hair don’t care! Heading to the Myrtle Beach or Outer Banks area? Stop at The Painted Mermaid in Southport, NC, where you can adopt some of my artwork. Be sure to tell Amy (the owner) and Laurie that Eclectic Dawn sent you! I am so excited to have my work in such a colorful, eclectic place FULL of vibrant energy, repurposed love, schparklez, feminine empowerment, humor, mermaids, shells, and an artistic beach vibe…MY PEOPLE!!


It’s time for one of our summer favorites in the Ventimiglia household: SHRIMP TACOS! We like ’em spicy, but you can tone ’em down, if you must. *wink* Easy, fast, and DELICIOUS, they pair nicely with a tiki cocktail (choose a cocktail from my “Treasures from the Kukui Lagoon” book).
Shrimp TacosI make a simple marinade which doubles as a dressing using a small bit of olive oil, Rose’s Lime Juice, a splash of lemon juice, a bit of oregano, cilantro, salt and pepper, Burman’s, cayenne, garlic, and honey. I never measure. If you like garlic, use more. If you don’t like cilantro, use less. The honey offsets the heat nicely.
I use about 2/3rds of that mixture as a marinade for the shrimp (about 15 minutes in a ziplock), and set aside the rest for the taco fixin’s, which consist of avocado, grape tomatoes, romaine hearts, a bit of Mexican corn, and just a few black olives, roughly chopped. You could add some black beans (my hubby’s not fond of them or they would be LOADED). I  chop all the fixin’s, mix them together, then toss with the reserved dressing RIGHT BEFORE we are going to eat.
While heating up a cast iron skillet, warm up some flour tortillas (I warm them in the toaster oven JUST long enough to give them some character – or if you want to get fancy, warm them in a cast iron skillet).
Sear the shrimp in a skillet just long enough to cook. Toss the fixin’s with the dressing. Put some of the fixin’s and some shrimp in your tortillas, drizzle with fresh lime juice and hot sauce, and EAT! Super easy, super fast, super YUM!!
With love and gratitude,
Eclectic Dawn

Garden Coloring Book and Zombie Love

Garden Coloring Book and Zombie Love

We’ve finally dug our way out from under Snowstorm Jonas, and we’re back to the business of creating. It is nice to look out the studio window and see the snow, as it doesn’t snow here very often, and I know it won’t be here for long. Virginia winters are usually quite mild compared to the Wisconsin winters I endured for 40 years!

Crazy Cat Lady Zombie OrnamentIn ZOMBIE NEWS: Our Eclectic Dawn Arts “Zombie Balls” ornaments have been featured in an article on Socialgeek.org! Our friend, Hinsel Scott, put together a delightful piece about our work, along with our “how to make a zombie ornament” instructions: http://socialgeek.org/2016/01/zombie-balls-a-socialgeek-eclectic-exclusive/   Check out the article and show the SocialGeeks some love!

zombie ornamentsIf you don’t have the time to make your own ornaments, we still have a few of these humorous zombie ornaments in our shop. When those have shambled away to new homes, they are gone forever, because we will not be making any more. So grab your fav to keep or to give to your favorite zombie lover, before it wanders away!

A huge THANK YOU to our loyal supporters who collect our art, and first-time buyers who found us in 2015. We’ve had such enthusiastic messages from you, and we sincerely appreciate the 5-star reviews you’ve been leaving on etsy for our hand painted bowls and other items! THANK YOU, also, for the FB likes!

“My Mother’s Garden” adult coloring book (hand-drawn flowers and creatures coloring pages) is getting wonderful reviews, and we enjoy seeing how you’ve colored your pages! Send pics of your colored pages to: dawn (at) eclecticdawnarts (dot) com and we will post them in our next blog. We will be creating another beautiful coloring book in 2016 – more on that soon! Here are a few of the photos we’ve received so far:
adult coloring book, lily, by fr of steven j  adult coloring book flowers, steven  adult coloring book page, my lilies  adult coloring book, kristin h  adult coloring book flowers, connie i

I’ve spent a good part of January, as I do every year, catching up on year-end paperwork and organizing the studio. It’s all part of my process – although not the fun part. This non-creating time “off” (haha – I use the term “off” very loosely) is a great way to let my artistic gas tank re20160123_apron1fill and brainstorm new projects before I dive back into my usual creative flow.

If there is anything else you’d like to see in the EDA Newsblog, just let us know!
Until next time…stay creative and grateful!
Eclectic Dawn
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