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Bring the beach home!

Bring the beach home!

real sand and shells beach art by Dawn Schmidt VentimigliaBring the beach home! When you can’t lay in the warm sand and listen to the waves, you can still sit at your desk and daydream! Turn on some ambient wave sounds with island birds, make a tropical cocktail, and decorate your hut with canvas works with real shells and sand from EclecticDawnArts etsy shop! (Link opens in a new tab.)


We’ve all certainly spent a lot of time re-evaluating our own spaces during the last few months, and learned how important it is to have a space that speaks to our hearts, fulfills us, relaxes or energizes us when necessary, has inviting or soothing spaces, or creative spaces.

I’m so grateful to have the Kukui Lagoon in our basement, which is my studio-by-day, exotic vintage “tiki” lounge by night. Every time I walk into that space and turn on the lights, I smile! THAT is how you should feel in your home! And when we have the special red lava lighting of the bar interior lit up, the blue wave lights running, seagulls squawking in the background, and Martin Denny on the record player, we are transported to another place and time. We did it all on a teeeeensy budget, over a year’s time, utilizing second-hand goods, repurposed items, and thrift store finds collected over the years. And a lot of sweat equity.

EclecticDawn and JohnnyV

You don’t need a big space to create a special haven – heck, it can even be a repurposed closet-turned-reading-nook. Install the coolest wallpaper and swag lamps, add a comfy reading chair or bench, and a tiny shelf for your most favorite treasures. How about a sewing room in an unused guest room? Start with a cheap giant desk from Facebook Marketplace (I got my huge L desk for $30!), and build from there! Where there is a desire, there is a way to make it happen!

If you’d like to bring some tropical art, beach art, or tribal sealife art, be sure to check out the latest pieces in the Eclectic Dawn Arts etsy shop – there are some really cool octopus wood bowls and painted wood bowls featuring sea turtles in the shop right now, too! My monkeypod bowls are repurposed pieces, so no new trees are being cut for my art, and we also try to re-use packing materials. We try to help Earth as much as we can!

Let me know in the comments about your favorite room in your house! What special touches make it feel perfect to you?

Time to enjoy the coolness of the Kukui Lagoon on this hot summer evening,
Dawn V

Octopus Bowl Painted wood bowl by Dawn Ventimiglia

Zombie Sellout

Zombie Sellout

We’re in Vintage Camper Trailers Mag!

vctdecvctdec.openI’m jumping right in with the most exciting news first! While we were rebuilding our vintage camper – and taking that long break while JohnnyV was in the hospital and recuperating – Vintage Camper Trailers magazine was an inspiration to us. It’s full of beautiful vintage campers, and their owner’s stories. I emailed Paul (the owner/editor of the mag), to share our story, and he was interested in sharing it with his readers, so….drumroll, please…The Aquatomic Lounge is featured in Issue 22 (Nov/Dec 2015). *Odd side note…John and I have this “thing” with the number 14 appearing all over in our lives. Guess what page the article starts on? 14!! Too cool!

My Mother’s Garden Adult Coloring Book is Now Available!

bookpromoEXInspired by photos that I took in mom’s garden when we visited Wisconsin this past summer, I gathered other photos I’d saved of her garden over the years, sketched some of them out, simplified them, added borders, put it all together, and published it (HA! If it were only that quick and simple), so my first coloring book is now available in my etsy shop (link opens the coloring book page in a new window)! Did you know that coloring gives you the same benefits that meditation does? Cool stuff!

Road Trip

We took an uber-brief trip to Senoia, Georgia in November, and I spent a little bit of time in the woods taking photos – which I STILL have to edit – but I will share some here in my next post. shroomI shot everything from mushrooms-as-big-as-your-head, to colorful mushrooms, to teensy mushrooms, to yes, another visit to TWD store and seeing where they were currently shooting the show in Senoia. It’s so cool to take pics of the area and then later see the same areas in the show!

While we were visiting Senoia, my sis-in-law and I “slumber partied” listening to Il Volo and Michael Buble’ while drinking a “few” glasses of vino, laughing, and me crafting up some gorgeous beaded Christmas Spiders. Each is named and includes the Legend of the Christmas Spider (and how their webs became tinsel)! (EDIT: SOLD OUT)

More shop news:
– We recently shipped our 100th package from our etsy store! THANK YOU, loyal supporters!! And even crazier? It’s been such a busy season already, we are almost to our 150th etsy sale!

  spider2   spider1   purseclearance  100orders

dec2015Ever since Thanksgiving, I’ve been busy packaging bowls, spiders, zombies (almost sold OUT in ONE afternoon), and other goodies until late into the night. I am so tickled that you enjoy my kooky art, and it makes me happy to know that my “children” are traveling all over the country! Orders in the last 2 days are going to Canada (via a pit stop in NY), AL, GA, FL, TX, CA, OH, MI…and there may be a couple I’ve missed!

zombiesOh, WAIT, I didn’t tell you about the zombies!! I got a horde of teensy zombies, washed them, primed them, painted them, and made diorama zombie ornaments (below). I had 16 of them in my etsy shop, and someone must have shared them in a blog, because BAM, in one afternoon, I’m suddenly left with only three TWO in the shop! It looks like more zombie painting is in my future…

…because nothing says “Happy Holidays” like Zombie Balls! Ho Ho Ho!

  zombie1  zombie2

Time for me to get back to packing shipments!
Gratitude Attitude,
Eclectic Dawn
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