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New Ocean Art! If you’ve been waiting to get something new for the beach corner in your home, now’s your chance! I added more surfboards to the shop. There’s the “Ghost Trio” surfboard with three swimming sea turtles, “Aria”, an intricate and strong tribal octopus surfboard in black and red, and “Plankton Party” with mandalas and dancing plankton in teal, blue, and purple. You’ve GOT to see them to believe the wonderful ocean energy in them – each is unique! Shipping is included, and each comes with a metal hanger (not attached).

Aboriginal octopus by Dawn Schmidt Ventimiglia. Ghostly sea turtles artwork by Dawn Ventimiglia.

With all the turmoil in the world, be sure to be kind to one another, and find some beauty in each day. I am grateful for your friendship and support.
Eclectic Dawn